I Have More Rights Than You?

I came across this post from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. I share a concern with many others about Pittsburgh’s lack of media sources that conform to the GLAAD Media Reference Guide. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review recently published a letter to their editor that proves this all too well. I must issue a content warning for homophobia and transphobia. However, my main reason for sharing this is to remind my readers that such ignorance towards the LGBT community is further enabled by media outlets that allow such content to go live on their website. 

No pride in Allegheny County

I am ashamed to live in Allegheny County, where the very liberal county government sanctions the Pittsburgh Pride Festival. Not everyone in Allegheny County shares the same views on LGBTs as our mayor. The festival gives Pittsburgh a bad image, and it doesn’t reflect the opposition to LGBT that many county residents have.

The law mandates that LGBTs cannot be objects of discrimination. Indeed, sometimes I think they have more rights than straight people. Sometimes I feel my rights are being taken away.

It is not 1984. I have the right to hold my personal opinion on homosexuality and transgender. I believe both are immoral and perverted. Keep it to yourself, and you don’t deserve any special treatment. Bisexuals can spread AIDS to the straight community.

Westmoreland County officials and residents have it right: Don’t discriminate, but don’t encourage LGBTs. Opponents of LGBTs should be able to express their opinion without ridicule or government harassment. The First Amendment applies to everyone, not just the LGBTs.

Kathleen Bollinger