We Are All “Filthy Rich!”

The Rev. Creflo Dollar is a televangelist and the leader of World Changers Church International. The Fulton County, Georgia resident has sparked controversy after campaigning for 200,000 people to donate $300.00 for an “airplane project” that is intended to help “understand grace” and “empower change” around the world. This man could not have given this “airplane project” a more literal term. It’s only intent is to replace the televangelist’s private jet.

You read correctly! He is the proud owner of a Gulfstream G650. When it comes to personal private aircraft, it is top of the line! With a cruising speed of over 500 Miles Per Hour and luxurious seating, all covered with a cost of over $65,000,000.00, this piece of machinery is exclusively reserved to the famous, rich and privileged. Why would anyone be gullible enough to contribute to such a selfish and greedy “cause?” It’s because they are believers in “the prosperity gospel.”

Prosperity gospel:

a modern version or, according to some, perversion of the gospel according to which the full blessings of God available to those who approach Him in faith and obedience include wealth, positive speech, health and power.

I know I am rich with many things. However, they do not include private jets, mansions and fancy cars. They are personal gifts and skills that nobody will ever be able to steal. People have said that I am rich with insight and wisdom for those who feel unwelcomed, misunderstood or mistreated. It doesn’t matter if it is due to sexuality, disability or anything else that causes others to turn their nose and make insulting remarks. The most difficult thing about having this gift is knowing how I can use it to achieve success in this crazy world.

What are you filthy rich with? How have you used these gifts to achieve what success means to you?

(More to come soon!)


2 thoughts on “We Are All “Filthy Rich!”

  1. Hello Derek:

    I am filthy rich with curiosity and with a thirst. I am filthy rich with neighbours and connections. And I am filthy rich with photographs and history. And I am filthy rich with space and time and food.

    How have I used that for what success means to me?

  2. Wow… you have made me think. I am rich with friends who mean the world to me. I am rich with grandchildren. Watching them grow is such a gift. I am rich with empathy though often it makes me sad because I can’t “fix” injustices that I see and feel. I am rich with decent health for my age. That’s another cherished gift. And last… I am rich with the strength to get through what life throws my way… so far anyway. Thanks for making me consider my riches.

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