Check This Out! (1: The Artrepreneur Now)

This is a new series of short “mini” blog posts where I highlight interesting, funny or inspirational content. Expect updates weekly!

Let’s face it. Corporate America is just not for everyone. My cousin, Heath Armstrong knows that all too well. Writing is a form of creativity. Like music and visual arts, it does not just serve as an escape from that dreaded place we call “the real world.” It serves as way of meeting new people. Many of the world’s most successful people have managed to achieve their dream of living life through passion. Contrary to popular opinion, you can’t get there overnight. For most people, the only way to work towards that dream is to find a day job. You know, the kind of job where you have to put up with a boss.

I am incredibly moved by the many guests that have appeared on his Podcast series “The Artrepreneur Now.” They have all inspired me to ignore the negativity from people who want me to be just like them and become the person I truly want to be. I am still trying to figure out who I truly want to be. The one thing I know is that I want to be the person who defied the expectations of people who didn’t see anything in me. I want to do whatever I can to empower youth who may be struggling with their differences from the world. In particular, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability. We all need the courage to defy bullies and naysayers. The more we find it, the better we will truly become and the better the world will be.

I truly hope you will visit his website and listen to his series!


One thought on “Check This Out! (1: The Artrepreneur Now)

  1. I’m happy to know you are leading and not following. Your words and inspiration are powerful beyond measure, and I have no doubt that you will arrive at your visionary place in this life- helping others with disabilities, sexual confusion and other differences to find their confidence, voice and happiness. Everyday is a bonus round! Thank you SO much for sharing the show!

    To get straight to itunes, you can go to

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